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Operation instructions for vertical steaming and frying pans in large oil plants

September 27, 2021

Vertical steaming and frying pan is one of the most important machines in oil pretreatment and pre-pressing. Through steaming and frying, the oil can be tempered to a good state before pressing and leaching, which is beneficial to oil production. Today, Henan Zhongxing Machinery will introduce to you the operating instructions of the large-scale oil plant vertical steaming and frying pan produced by our company for your reference.

 Large-scale oil factory vertical steaming and frying pan

1. Main structure and working principle

The vertical steaming and frying pan is composed of a pot body, a steam inlet pipe, a condensate pipe, a stirring device, a reducer, an automatic material door, and a material outlet.

The pot body is divided into five or six layers. The steam entering each layer is adjusted by the valves of each layer to control the temperature of the material. In order to make the material embryo steam and fry uniformly, each layer is equipped with a stirring scraper. A direct nozzle is installed under the scraper of the first layer of steamer, and it rotates with the scraper, so that direct steam is evenly sprayed into the material. All layers (except the first layer) are equipped with exhaust devices to remove the gas that evaporates from the raw material during the steaming process. Each layer of the steaming and frying pan is equipped with automatic feed gates to control the discharging, and the bottom of the bottom pot is equipped with an adjustable discharge gate. In order to facilitate the maintenance, each floor is equipped with maintenance access to Yemen, and the doors are equipped with small doors for observation and sampling.

 Large-scale oil factory vertical steaming and frying pan

2. Use and operation rules

(1) Check the steamer on each layer of the vertical steamer and wok before driving to remove the sundries. Adjust the material door to the required position. Generally, the first and second layers are filled with no less than 80% to achieve the purpose of steaming embryos, and the rest is reduced layer by layer, about 40-50%, to facilitate the discharge of water vapor during the frying process .

(2) Turn on the electric motor to run dry, and check whether the operation is normal.

(3) Before feeding, open each condensate valve first, and then slowly open the steam inlet valve to drain the condensate until the boiler body heats up. At the same time, fix each layer of the material door in the closed position, and then start feeding and spray direct steam. When the material layer of the first layer of steamer reaches the predetermined height, the unloading door of this layer is opened, and the material embryo is slowly placed on the second layer; layer by layer until the fifth layer. At this time, the gates of each layer are working normally. When the fifth layer of material reaches the predetermined height, it will start discharging and check the moisture and temperature of the discharging material, and adjust according to the process requirements and in-between.

(4) In the process of operating the vertical steaming and frying pan, pay attention to adjusting the pressure of direct steam and indirect steam and the size of the exhaust valve to control the temperature and moisture of the raw material in the pot to meet the technological requirements.

(5) When stopping, stop feeding first, discharge all layers of material, close the water inlet valve and steam inlet valve of each layer at the same time, and then turn off the motor to stop. If an emergency stop occurs for some reason, immediately turn off the motor, stop feeding the vertical steaming and frying pan, and close the water inlet valve and steam inlet valve, and then all the material embryos in the vertical steaming and frying pan are removed from the inspection hole. After the overhaul is ready, follow the start-up procedure and start feeding again.