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Features and uses of tea seed oil press

September 27, 2021

Tea seed oil press is a kind of screw oil press equipment. The tea seed oil press produced by Zhongxing has reasonable design and reliable equipment quality. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient operation, small size, small area, labor and electricity. The tea seed oil press is mainly composed of a main motor and a mechanical transmission system, a dual-shaft gear box, a feeding device, a squeezing cage, a cake discharging mechanism, a residue filter device, an oil tank, a frame, and an electrical control system.

 tea seed oil press

Features of tea seed oil press:

(1) The tea seed oil press is highly adaptable to the tea seed oil production process, without steaming and frying, but directly pressing, which saves gas and electricity consumption. The cake is formed well, the residual oil is low, the permeability is good, the crude oil is light in color, the peroxide value is low, and the refining rate is accelerated.

(2) In the same squeezing cage, the unique double screw mechanism of the tea seed oil press not only makes the machine have excellent squeezing process characteristics, but also has a strong axial propulsion effect.

(3) The tea seed oil press has novel principle, reasonable structure, stable operation and good mechanical performance. The main components of the main mechanical transmission system of the tea seed oil press, such as the double-shaft gearbox, the double-screw oil pressing mechanism, and the gear shaft, main shaft, screw press, pressing ring, tail shaft, and cake head in the cake mechanism, are all made of excellent Alloy steel, and undergoes strict heat treatment, so the tea seed oil press is durable.

(4) The operation of this machine is basically similar to that of a single screw oil press. The horizontal screw conveyor in the feeding device adopts frequency conversion speed control, so the material flow is uniform, easy to control, and easy to operate.

The use of tea seed oil press:

The tea seed oil press is suitable for pressing tea seeds. The tea seed oil press is not only suitable for pressing (cold pressing) without steaming at room temperature, but also suitable for high temperature pressing of tea seeds.