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How to choose the leaching process of grease leaching equipment? You need to know the following points

September 09, 2021

  According to different production methods, the leaching process of oil leaching equipment can be divided into one-time leaching and pre-expression leaching. Choosing an appropriate leaching process can improve the efficiency of grease leaching and avoid unnecessary waste. The selection of the leaching process can be selected according to different types and quality of oils, different yields, and different equipment used. It can be considered from the following aspects.

 leaching equipment

   1. Variety and nature of raw materials

  The selection of leaching process of leaching equipment can be selected according to different varieties of raw materials.

   There are many varieties of oils with different properties, so the selection of the process of oil production by leaching method is also different. Generally speaking, oils with lower oil content are suitable for a one-time leaching process, such as soybeans, rice bran and other oils. After these oils are leached for one time, the oil content in the meal can reach an extremely low value; those with high oil content The oil is suitable for the pre-expression leaching process. The oil is first squeezed to extract oil, and the resulting cake is crushed into a certain particle size, and then the leaching method is used to extract the oil. Such as cottonseed, rapeseed, sunflower seed and so on.


   2. Requirements for products and by-products

The main products of the oilseeds are oil and cakes. The requirements for products and by-products are different, and the process conditions should be changed accordingly. For the same processing soybean, soybean meal is used to extract protein powder: it requires large peeling and less crude fiber. The content of li, relatively increase the content of protein.


  3, the size of the production capacity

   Oil plants with large production capacity have the conditions to choose more complex processes and advanced equipment. Oil plants with small production capacity can choose relatively simple processes and production equipment.


   In summary, the selection of the leaching process of the leaching equipment can be based on the raw materials, by-products, and production capacity.