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What are the advantages of using soybean extraction equipment to make oil?

September 09, 2021

  Soybean leaching equipment utilizes the ability of oil to dissolve in organic solvents to separate the oil in soybeans from soybean meal. The advantages of using soybean extraction equipment are as follows:


    1. High oil yield and low residual oil rate;

      Since the solvent fully contacts the oil in the oil during the leaching process, the effect of extracting the oil is relatively perfect. Generally, the residual oil rate of dry meal is about 1%, and some classes are reduced to 0.5% or even less. Other methods of oil production are due to the use of mechanical pressure or the use of water instead. The complete extraction of oil is often restricted by equipment and operation. Generally, the residual oil rate in the cake is higher.

   In order to increase the oil yield and increase the production of more oil, in addition to reducing other oil losses, further reducing the residual oil in the meal is a major aspect. In this regard, the best oil-making method is currently used in oil-making by leaching.


  2. Soybean meal is of high quality;

      The operating temperature of each process in the leaching method is relatively low, so that the denaturation of the protein in the meal is relatively small, so the quality of the meal is better, which improves its use value. In the current world, the consumption of protein is relatively lacking. Under the circumstances, how to make better and rational use of oilseed protein is extremely important.

 soybean extraction equipment

  3. low processing cost, high labor efficiency

Compared with the squeezing method,    leaching method can achieve large-scale, so that fuel, coal, electricity consumption and a large number of operators are required to be reduced. Therefore, it can further reduce processing costs and improve production efficiency, which will directly create conditions for enterprises to improve economic benefits.


   4. Reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions

  The entire production process of leaching oil is relatively continuous, and it is carried out in closed equipment or pipelines, the operating temperature is low, and the labor environment and intensity of the operators are significantly improved.