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Recommendations of grease equipment manufacturers: pay attention to these issues when inspecting leaching equipment manufacturers

September 07, 2021

Grease equipment is an important part of an oil plant. Grease equipment can be divided into three types: pressing equipment, leaching equipment and oil refining equipment. The quality of the equipment directly affects the quality of the oil produced by the oil plant, and affects the production efficiency and income of the oil plant. The quality of equipment is inseparable from the design and manufacture of grease equipment manufacturers, so it is also very important to choose grease equipment manufacturers.

Nowadays, there are more and more leaching equipment manufacturers on the market, making it more difficult to choose refinery equipment manufacturers. Although on-site inspections can screen out some leather bag companies and middlemen manufacturers, the quality of the leaching equipment produced by each factory is different. . As a manufacturer of oil machinery and equipment with more than ten years of research and development, we can provide some suggestions to help you choose a suitable edible oil production equipment manufacturer. leaching equipment

  1, look at the manufacturer’s technical design capabilities.

  The level of technical design is an important factor that cannot be ignored when choosing a grease equipment manufacturer. A complete edible oil production project not only requires a team of engineers to design the edible oil processing technology and equip it with corresponding edible oil production equipment according to the customer’s needs, but also the details of the plant’s foundation drawings, equipment layout, process flow diagrams, and circuit piping. Need to be confirmed by the technical team. To complete a production project, a technical design team must lay a solid foundation.


   2, it depends on the manufacturer’s manufacturing capabilities.

  The design plan of the oil production project has said that we will talk about the quality of the equipment. The quality of the equipment is also one of the important issues that the oil plant pays attention to. The quality of the equipment is related to the production efficiency of the manufacturer. The quality of the equipment is inseparable from the manufacturer's factory processing capabilities. Equipment manufacturers must have mature processing techniques and processing capabilities to ensure the production of high-quality equipment.


  3, the after-sales service level of the manufacturer must be examined.

In addition to technical design level and factory processing capabilities, after-sales service is also an issue that oil plants need to investigate when selecting a refinery equipment manufacturer. Various problems will occur in the early run-in stage of the equipment. At this time, after-sales can communicate in time to solve the problem. If the equipment manufacturer's after-sales service is not in place, it will cause the problem to be unsolved or slow to solve, which will affect the production efficiency of the factory.