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Oil factory experience: you must look at these three points when you buy ring-shaped leaching equipment

September 07, 2021

Annular leaching device because of the shallow leaching material layer, the mixed oil permeability is good, and it is easy to form an leaching method that combines immersion and percolation. The interval between the chain plates is 0.4-0.75m to form a natural frame, there will be no mixed flow phenomenon, and when passing through the bending section from top to bottom, the material layer is turned over to realize dynamic leaching. Therefore, the leaching efficiency is high, and it can be adapted to a variety of oils, especially those with larger powderiness, such as corn germ and rice bran. The leaching device is the core equipment of the leaching oil plant. Its quality is directly related to the various economic indicators in the production of the leaching oil plant. What should be paid attention to when choosing the annular extractor?

 leaching equipment

1. Selection of equipment technology

The ring-shaped extractor is especially suitable for large-capacity leaching oil plants, with a daily processing capacity of more than 10,000 tons; it can be manufactured in sections, transported, and assembled on site, making it easier to grasp the manufacturing accuracy and quality; the material layer is relatively thin during the leaching process And even, the solvent and the mixed oil penetrate well, drain quickly, and the wet meal has low solubility; the mixed oil has a high utilization rate and a large concentration gradient, and a smaller solvent ratio can be used, which is beneficial to reduce the dissolution consumption and energy consumption. Low cost; oil leaching can be turned over to increase the uniformity of leaching, with good leaching effect and low residual oil; the bottom of the extractor adopts a fixed grid plate, the material moves linearly, running smoothly, with fewer failures and low power.

When the ring extractor is leaching, because the material layer is thin and the material layer has a big turn during the entire leaching process, on the one hand, the material layer is evacuated once, and on the other hand, it realizes one infiltration on the cross section. The direction of the turn. Therefore, the ring-shaped extractor is more suitable for rice bran, which has large powder and small particles, which can cause leaching.


2. The choice of suppliers

Annular extractor is often used as a large-tonnage extractor. The equipment is huge and it is difficult to produce. A supplier with a certain scale and technical ability should be selected.


3. Where the equipment needs to be checked when purchasing

The inspection of the following aspects should be strengthened in the process of purchase, production and assembly of the ring extractor:

1. manufacturing material and material size;


2. the gap and flatness of each section of the fixed grid;


3. the number and relative position of the collection grid and spray pipe;


4. The size of the spray pipe;


5. The strength and smoothness of the transmission system;


6. Reliability of welding.