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What is the difference between the sunflower oil produced by the extraction equipment and the pressing equipment?

September 07, 2021

Sunflower seed is one of the world's five major oils. Sunflower seed oil contains a large amount of linoleic acid and other essential unsaturated fatty acids, which can promote the regeneration and growth of human cells, protect skin health, and reduce the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. A high-grade nutritional oil.

  The oil content of sunflower seeds is relatively high, ranging from 38% to 45%, and the protein of the meal after taking the oil is as high as 38% to 42%, which is suitable for preparing oil by pre-pressing and leaching. First, extract the oil by pressing, extract 80% to 89% of the oil in the sunflower seeds, and crush the resulting cake to a suitable particle size, and then use the sunflower oil extraction equipment to extract the remaining oil. Pre-expression leaching can increase the oil yield of the product and also increase the production capacity of the leaching equipment. The difference between pressing sunflower oil and extracting sunflower oil can be introduced from the following two points.

 pressing equipment

  1, the process is different;

   squeezing oil is a "physical squeezing method" that separates oil directly from the oil by physical pressure.

  The processing technology of leaching oil is to soak the raw materials with chemical solvents, extract the oil from the raw materials, and then separate the oil from the solvent through a refining process.


  2, different nutrients;

   squeezing method oil is squeezed out by physical pressure without chemical additives, retaining the original natural flavor and nutrients of sunflower oil, and can be eaten directly after filtering.

  The leaching method is used to extract oil through chemical solvents, which need to be refined by sunflower oil refining equipment to remove impurities and harmful components before being edible. The leached oil is colorless and tasteless, and part of the nutrients will be removed along with the oil during the refining process.

  Most people believe that "pressed oil is a green, pure and natural food, the healthiest; while the leaching oil is chemically refined, there are chemical solvent residues, which is unsafe". But in fact, the pressing method and the leaching method are just two different oil preparation processes. No matter which process, the oil obtained can only be crude oil. The crude oil contains various impurities such as moisture, free fatty acids, pigments, and protein. In addition to hygienic factors, but also because the crude oil is not durable storage, the impurities contained in the crude oil can cause hydrolytic rancidity. Therefore, crude oil needs to be refined by refining equipment to remove some impurities, so that it becomes a lighter, clear refined oil that meets the standards of various oil products before it can be marketed. Sunflower seed oil has a strong aroma of sunflower seeds, and is relatively easy to refine. The five off refined oil can be used as a cold oil for consumption.