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Three basis for leaching equipment to choose leaching process

September 07, 2021

      The selection basis for the leaching process of the leaching equipment and the basic process flow Whether the leaching production can proceed smoothly is closely related to the selected process flow. It directly affects the product quality, production cost, production capacity and operating conditions of the oil plant after it is put into production. aspect. Therefore, the leaching equipment should adopt both advanced and reasonable technological process in the production.

  The commonly used leaching process of leaching equipment has two types: direct in and out and pre-expression leaching. These two processes can be selected according to the following three aspects.


   1. Choose according to the variety of raw materials

   Different types of oilseeds have different oil content. For example, sesame, peanut, rapeseed and other oilseeds have higher oil content. Using a one-time leaching process, the residual oil rate in the meal is high, resulting in a waste of oil. Therefore, the pre-expression-extraction process can be used in the production. First, use an oil press to extract 80% to 89% of the oil in the oil, and then crush the pressed cake into a certain particle size, and then use the extraction equipment to extract the remaining oil. In this way, the production efficiency of the leaching equipment is improved, and the grease output can be increased.

   For oils with low oil content, such as soybeans, rice bran and other oils, a one-time leaching process should be used. The direct leaching process is suitable for processing oils with an oil content of about 20%. After the oils are leached, the content of the meal can reach an extremely low value.


   2. Choose according to the requirements for by-products

   According to the different requirements of products and by-products, the process conditions should be changed accordingly. For example, when soybeans are also processed, soybean meal is used to extract protein powder, so soybeans are required to be dehulled to reduce the content of crude fiber and relatively increase the content of protein.

 leaching equipment

  3. Choose according to production capacity

   Oil plants with large production capacity can choose more complex processes and more advanced equipment; oil plants with small production capacity can choose relatively simple processes and equipment. For example, a leaching workshop with a daily processing capacity of more than 50 tons may consider adopting a paraffin oil exhaust gas absorption device and a refrigerated exhaust gas recovery solvent device.