Animal oil <span> production and refining equipment </span>

Animal oil production and refining equipment

Animal oil refining equipment is used for the processing of animal fat and animal organs such as tallow, mutton, lard, fish oil, ostrich oil, chicken and duck oil, and the main purpose is to extract animal fat. 

The formal large-scale assembly line process of animal oil refining equipment can be roughly divided into: ice breaking, meat grinding, transportation, material separation, cooking, oil residue separation, filtration, crude oil refining, and refining.

Animal oil is relative to vegetable oil. Animal oil, that is, animal fat, is the fat of animals. Animal oils for human consumption are generally derived from pigs, cattle, fish, etc., and can be used to process foods to give foods a fresh flavor of meat.

Crude oil refers to the primary oil made from animal or vegetable oils and not processed by refining equipment. This oil contains many impurities and is easy to oxidize and deteriorate, so it is not suitable for long-term storage.

As it has not been refined, there may be problems such as residual pesticides, heavy metal pollution and harmful substances. When cooking and heating, there are many bubbles, peculiar smells, and heavy oily smoke, which obviously affects the smell and taste of cooked food. It is easier to distinguish hair oil. Hair oil is usually dark in color, poor in transparency or even turbid, and there will be sediment and suspension after long-term storage. Some hair oil has a pungent odor and a lot of foam.

These all need to be refined and removed. Few people directly consume crude oil, which will directly endanger their health. Appropriate refining equipment must be selected to refine qualified edible oil.





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