Complete set of equipment <span> for processing 500 tons of <span> corn germ extraction per day

Complete set of equipment for processing 500 tons of corn germ extraction per day

Introduction-A complete set of equipment for processing 500 tons of corn germ extraction per day, reducing equipment investment in production links by 25-30%. 100% of the crushing process is eliminated, 30% of the investment in the fermentation process, 25% of the investment in the distillation process, and 30-40% of the investment in the treatment of distiller’s grains.

A complete set of equipment for processing 500 tons of corn germ extraction per day, reducing equipment investment in production links by 25-30%. After removing the germ, the germ cake is thrown back to the production line for fermentation, and there is no loss of starch and DDGS feed. And in the production of DDGS protein feed by evaporation and concentration, energy costs can be reduced by 20%, and high-quality protein powder can be obtained; germ removal and cleaning of alcohol equipment pipelines can save more than 90% of maintenance costs for the entire set of equipment and greatly reduce the amount of steam. Less sewage discharge;

by-product corn germ, which is the core raw material of corn germ oil, has a high market value and increases the economic benefits of enterprises.

The dry-process alcohol embryo extraction process is the technology of Henan Coarse Grain Engineering Technology R&D Center, and has been successfully applied to Process introduction: This design plan is divided into cleaning, de-germ extracting, and powder extracting, including several systems of medium-pressure air network, high-pressure air network, mechanical conveying, and PLC automatic control. The entire production process is monitored by an industrial computer (PLC) in the main control room.


Cleaning section:

The process of "one sieve, one stone removal, one magnetic separation, one metering" is adopted.

 Wool grain cleaning: The process of cleaning-magnetic separation-stone removal-measurement is adopted. The high-efficiency vibrating screen is used to clean up the large and small impurities that may also be contained in the grain. It is equipped with a vertical suction duct to clean up the dust and other light impurities in the grain. The magnetic separator uses permanent magnet cylinders, which is convenient for maintenance, can remove iron filings, screws and other magnetic impurities that may be contained in the grain, and can protect the degerming machine of high-speed rotating equipment. The stone remover is used to remove the heavy impurities that may be contained in the grain, such as stones, which have a larger specific gravity than corn. The stone remover is equipped with a medium-pressure air net, which can remove some light impurities such as dust in the grain. The flow scale is used to measure the processing volume of grain, which is convenient for production and operation management. The dust removal air net is used to remove dust, light impurities and other impurities in the grain, to ensure that the dust content of the air discharged into the atmosphere does not exceed the standard, and to protect the atmospheric environment.


Conditioning section:

The cleaned grains are added with water (1-2%) to the grains through the computer watering machine to enter the conditioning chamber for conditioning. The conditioning time is 8 hours. The purpose is to soften the germ and ensure that the germ is degerminated. The embryo does not break during the process of embryo extraction, which improves the yield of the embryo.


Degerming and embryo extraction section:

adopts the process of degerming-grading-rolling embryo-sieving-deflouring embryo-sieving. The degerming machine processes the net grain from the cleaning section to separate the corn endosperm from the germ. The high square flat sieve classifies the materials processed by the degerming machine. The germ-containing materials pass through the embryo rolling machine and then enter the next high square sieve for sieving and classification. The germ-containing materials are separated. The germ-containing materials are processed by the de-flouring and beating machine. After being screened by a high-efficiency vibrating screen, the vertical suction duct sucks the wind to separate the pure germs. The germ-free material produced in the process of sieving and de-flouring and beating embryos is transported horizontally to the hoist by the auger, and then vertically transported into the crushing machine powder.


Medium-pressure air network system:

This plan has 3 sets of medium-pressure air network, two sets of stone remover air network, and one set of grading screen air network. When the stone remover works, it needs the assistance of medium-pressure wind to make the material suspended on the stone remover screen, so that the stones with a larger specific gravity and the corn with a smaller specific gravity form a certain layer, and the stones with a larger specific gravity are subjected to stone removal. The machine screen moves upwards with upward power, and the corn with a smaller specific gravity moves downwards under the action of the wind to realize the separation of stones and corn. In the working process of the stone remover, under the action of wind, a part of dust and light impurities are separated. In the process of processing, the grading screen can use wind power to realize the separation between larger materials and light impurities, and meet the corresponding process requirements. Elevators, augers, vibrating screens, etc. are prone to generate dust during the work process. This solution uses dust removal air nets to avoid dust spills, ensure the workshop environment, and benefit the quality of finished products and the health of workers.


High-pressure wind network system:

This project uses a set of high-pressure wind network. In the entire processing process, some sections and some equipment need to be transported by wind power. The TY series high-efficiency high-pressure fans, strong negative pressure air suction with material and strong negative pressure air suction cyclone discharge, and the principle of air shutter push down to achieve the purpose of wind transportation are selected. Dust makes the production workshop hygienic and clean.


Mechanical conveying system:

part of the material in this plan is conveyed by bucket elevator and screw conveyor. The conveying of materials in the vertical direction uses a bucket elevator, and the conveying of materials in the horizontal direction uses augers.


Process characteristics:

1. The water impingement system adopts a new full-process moisture measurement and control system. This system is a special equipment for moisture measurement in the corn processing production line. This system can realize the automation of moisture adjustment in the corn processing process, measure corn moisture, measure corn flow, and add water flow. Automatically adjust the water valve to realize water adjustment, add water for incoming grain, and stop water for grain. When the corn flow increases, the amount of water added will automatically increase. At the same time, the water will automatically adjust according to the set water to achieve control accuracy and automatically record. The system uses curve display and provides historical records. It can provide the cumulative value of corn flow and the cumulative value of water adding flow. The system provides alarms for excessive corn flow, alarms for excessive moisture, and alarms for abnormal water addition.

2. The use of special equipment to roll embryo mills improves the yield of embryos and does not lose the broken embryos. After increasing the yield, increase the oil yield by at least 1-3 thousandths.

3. The rubbing and degerming machine introduces improved Italian technology and adopts the method of moving the material from up to down. The machine has high output, low power, no broken germs and high overall particle size.

4. Due to the high humidity of the material, the screening and grading equipment adopts 304 stainless steel screen frames and screens. The screen frame is not deformed and does not block the screen, ensuring continuous operation and improving the service life.





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