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Classification method of automatic oil press

September 16, 2021

Oil press is a kind of oil processing machinery. A machine for squeezing vegetable oil from pretreated oil billets. There are two commonly used hydraulic oil presses and screw oil presses, and the pre-presses are mostly screw oil presses.

 oil press

A hydraulic oil press is an oil press that uses oil to transmit pressure, so that the oil is compressed under static conditions. According to the power source of the oil pump, there are two kinds of manual and electric; according to the way of applying pressure to the cake, it can be divided into vertical and horizontal. An oil cylinder is fixed on the base of the vertical hydraulic oil press. A cylindrical piston is installed in the cylinder, and the upper part of the piston is connected with the cake plate as a whole. The blank is pre-pressed into a round cake, the cake ring is covered, and 20 to 40 round cakes are stacked between the cake tray and the D plate. The cake and the cake are separated by a thin backing plate with holes, and the D is driven on the piston. , Generate pressure, squeeze the cake to produce oil. After squeezing, the oil pump stops pressurizing, the piston falls, the slag cake is discharged, and the cake is reloaded to repeatedly press the oil intermittently. Each squeezing takes about 2 to 5 hours.

When the electric oil pump is used, a circulating oil circuit system can be formed, and several hydraulic oil presses can be operated at the same time. The structure and working principle of the horizontal hydraulic oil press are basically the same as that of the vertical type. The equipment is easy to install, the oil flows smoothly, and there is no oil accumulation on the oil cake ring; but it occupies a large area and needs to be equipped with heavy hammers and pulleys for de-pressing. Or screw mechanism. The hydraulic oil press has high pressure, high oil output rate at one time, few moving parts, and convenient maintenance; but the labor intensity of loading and unloading of the cake is also relatively large.


The screw oil press is a machine that continuously advances the blank in the press chamber and extracts crude oil under the action of dynamic squeezing. In addition to the feed hopper, the press chamber is the main operating part, which consists of a press screw shaft and a cylindrical press cage. There are two types of single-stage pressing and double-stage pressing. The single-stage has only one horizontal pressing chamber, and the two-stage has a direct pressing chamber for the second pressing. The squeezing screw shaft is composed of a plurality of squeezing screws and pitch rings sleeved on the shaft. Each screw has a required pitch and depth, and the pitch of each screw on a shaft is gradually shortened from the inlet to the outlet, and the depth of the screw gradually becomes shallower, so that the volume of the press chamber is gradually changed from the inlet to the outlet. Decrease, the billet enters the press chamber and advances along the snail stage to the exit, and the pressure on it gradually increases, thereby gradually squeezing out the oil. A gasket is installed between the pressing rod and the pressing rod of the cylindrical pressing cage to form an oil gap, and the squeezed out crude oil flows out through the gap.


The squeezing cage of the large screw oil press is also equipped with a scraper. The scraper blade goes deep into the squeezing chamber and is aligned with each distance ring to prevent the blank from slipping in the squeezing chamber and to prevent back blank, and to adjust the thickness of the cake. So as to correspondingly control the press chamber pressure and reduce the residual oil rate. In addition, the machine also has a cake clamping mechanism to make the surface of the slag cake smooth, and is often attached with a steaming and frying pan, so that the steaming and pressing of the oil can be continuously performed.

The screw oil press used as a pre-press is to pre-press the oil at a higher pressure, and then put the pre-pressed cake into the oil press to continue pressing or extract the oil by leaching. Therefore, the volume of the squeezing chamber at the inlet and outlet ends has a large change, and the production capacity is also large.

The screw oil press can operate continuously, with low labor intensity, and the slag cake after the oil is thin and small, which is convenient for comprehensive utilization; but the main working parts in the press chamber are easy to wear and need to be replaced frequently, which increases the operating cost.