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Five reasons for solvent loss in the production of leaching equipment

September 09, 2021

       Solvent loss is an important issue during the leaching process of leaching equipment, because it not only accounts for a large proportion of the processing cost, but more importantly, it is related to the safety of the factory and the health of the operators. Therefore, in the oil leaching production, Reducing solvent loss is of great significance.


   In the oil leaching production, solvent loss can be summarized as five main reasons:


   1. The equipment, pipes and valves are not tight enough, causing solvent leakage.


   2. The absorption is not complete, and the solvent is emptied with the exhaust gas.


   3. The solvent and water are not separated clearly, and the solvent is drained away with the waste water.


   4. The heating area of ​​the dryer is not enough, or the operation is improper, causing the solvent vapor to escape at the meal outlet, or the solvent is wrapped by the meal particles and taken away with the meal.


   5. The mixed oil evaporates or the gas stripping is incomplete, and the solvent is taken away by the crude oil.


  The leakage of the equipment is the most serious among the causes of loss. In daily production, the leaching equipment should be inspected and maintained, and the loss caused by solvent leakage caused by equipment leakage should be avoided as much as possible. For the reasons of solvent loss, corresponding measures must be taken to reduce solvent loss and reduce production costs.