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Seven suggestions tell you how to choose the solvent for the leaching equipment

September 09, 2021

  The basic principle of oil leaching of leaching equipment is first to use the characteristics of oils that can be dissolved in organic solvents, and at the same time to use the mechanism of continuous mutual diffusion between them.

  The solvent is an important component in the oil production of leaching equipment. When choosing a grease leaching solvent, the ideal solvent should meet the following points as much as possible.

 leaching equipment

   1. It can dissolve grease in any proportion at room temperature or low temperature.


  2. The selectivity of the solvent should be good. In the process of leaching and making oil, it does not dissolve other ingredients except for dissolving grease.


  3. It has a chemically stable habit to light, water heat, etc., will not decompose into toxic substances, and will not react with equipment materials.


  4, low boiling point, low specific heat, low vaporization potential, easy to be recovered from meal and oil.


   5. The solvent itself is non-toxic, odorless, and neutral to ensure hygiene requirements and prevent pollution.


   6. Abundant sources, low price, adapt to the requirements of mass production.