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How much is a set of leaching oil equipment?

September 03, 2021

As the current advanced oil refining method, leaching oil production is widely used by large oil plants. Large production capacity, high oil yield, low operating cost, and good meal quality are the outstanding advantages of leaching equipment. At present, investment in leaching oil processing The factory is still a good project. The two key steps for the investment of the leaching oil plant are, one is the construction of the leaching oil plant, and the other is the purchase of the leaching equipment production line, both of which are very important.

Which leaching equipment to choose, the manufacturer will provide the construction drawing and equipment layout of the plant. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose the right leaching oil equipment manufacturer. The equipment models, configurations and manufacturers on the market are different, which manufacturer’s leaching equipment Is it worth the user to buy? Through market surveys, the editor of Henan Zhongxing Grain and Oil Machinery simply sorted out the following elements for purchasing leaching equipment for users' reference.

leaching oil equipment

1. When purchasing leaching equipment, the choice of manufacturers is very important, because the investment is not small, and the enterprises with strong scale are more secure. It is recommended to manufacturers in Henan. This area is the domestic oil press equipment production and output center, with many manufacturers, strong strength and technology. Mature and affordable, it is very worthwhile for users to investigate and purchase.

2. The advantages of the leaching equipment must be obvious. For example, the quality of the equipment must be excellent, and the structural design must be reasonable. Excellent quality is the basis for stable performance in the later stage. A reasonable structural design can reduce the investment in infrastructure costs for users. These must be included in the selection. The main factors of purchase.

3. The oil extraction equipment must have strong adaptability, including the hardness and humidity of the oil, and it can have a high extraction efficiency, and be able to extract a variety of oil crops, one-time investment, long-term benefits , Really realize the function of one machine with multiple functions.

4. When purchasing leaching equipment, users should consider the cost of investment. One is the cost of purchasing leaching equipment, and the other is the cost of later equipment operation. Of course, cost-effective equipment is more popular, and energy-saving and efficient equipment can bring more benefits to users. .

5. At present, all walks of life have relatively high requirements for environmental protection. The same is true for leaching equipment. Noise and dust must be well controlled, and safety must be placed at an important position. Choosing environmentally friendly equipment can better take into account the development of the environment. Green processing.

6. The selection of the model and configuration of the leaching equipment should be reasonable. Don’t pursue equipment with high output and oversize. The investment is large and cause waste. Don’t be too small to meet the processing needs. Henan Zhongxing Cereals and Oils Machinery recommends to buy more The actual output is slightly higher or just the right equipment.

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