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Hydraulic walnut oil press

September 16, 2021

The hydraulic walnut oil press is a perfect combination of traditional pressing technology and modern pressing technology. It has the characteristics of simple operation, high oil yield, and less replacement of wearing parts. It is currently the ideal for opening small oil workshops and edible oil processing shops. Choose, Henan Zhongxing hydraulic walnut oil press is to directly add the roasted walnut kernels into the barrel to squeeze the oil. The process is simple and quick, and the squeezing time is short, allowing users to witness the entire squeezing process with their own eyes. The working process of the hydraulic walnut oil press is a pure physical pressing, which will not damage the nutrient content of the oil and can ensure the pure oil quality and strong fragrance.

 Hydraulic walnut oil press

1. Advantages of hydraulic walnut oil press:

(1) Wide range of applications: hydraulic walnut oil press is suitable for squeezing peanuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, rapeseed, almonds, walnut kernels, tea seeds and other high-oil crops;

(2) Energy-saving and power-saving: during the use of the hydraulic walnut oil press, the power consumption is low, which can save power by 30% compared with the general two-plunger pump station;

(3) High oil output rate: The oil press is a hydraulic press with high pressure and high oil output rate. Compared with old-fashioned oil pressing equipment, the normal oil output rate can be 2 to 3% higher.

(4) Convenient operation and easy to use: This machine adopts a fully automatic control system, and the hydraulic walnut oil press is equipped with preheating temperature automatic control and hydraulic system pressure automatic control devices, which are easy to learn, understand, and operate, and there is no special for operators. Required characteristics;

(5) Fast return on cost: The return on equipment investment is high, and the cost can be paid back within half a year;

(6) Small footprint: Mechatronics design, beautiful appearance, small footprint, generally 10m² is enough;

(7) Strong applicability: It is not affected by the season and can be produced all year round.

 Hydraulic walnut oil press

2. Working principle of hydraulic walnut oil press:

The oil extraction of a hydraulic press is to use small power to generate powerful hydraulic pressure for pressing. It is completely carried out by the principle of hydraulic transmission. We can get the calculation formula of the total pressure of the oil press: P1=P2 (d1+d2), which is in this In the formula, d1 is the diameter of the cylinder plug of the oil press, d2 is the diameter of the piston of the power cylinder, P1 is the total pressure of the oil press, and P2 is the pressure of the power cylinder. It can be seen from the formula that the small-diameter high-pressure pump uses a small power P2 to generate the total high pressure P1 (top pressing force) on the hydraulic frame after transmission.

(1) Principle of hydraulic transmission

The entire hydraulic press oil production system includes a loop system formed by two parts of the oil press body (press chamber and hydraulic working cylinder) and hydraulic system (oil pump, fuel tank, oil divider valve and instrument, pipeline), and they are all used Small power produces relatively large hydraulic pressure for oil extraction. The formation of the pressure is based on the principle that in a closed system, any pressure (N) applied to the liquid can always be transmitted to any position in the system at a constant pressure (N/m). Under the condition of constant pressure, only need to change the area difference of the pressurized piston, a relatively large pressure difference can be formed. It can be calculated. For example, the total pressure G of a hydraulic oil press is equal to the product of the liquid pressure (ie system pressure) and the area of ​​the piston on the oil press (F1), that is, G=P×F1.

(2) Cake surface pressure and operating pressure

① Cake surface pressure refers to the pressure acting on the surface of the cake. Its size is equal to the total pressure (thrust G) produced by the piston movement of the oil press divided by the actual area F of the cake.

②) Cake surface pressure refers to the reasonable number of cake surface pressure required for high oil yield in the process of oil extraction. Its size is related to factors such as oil variety, embryo production status and oil yield index. This needs to be debugged to know, generally it can be equal to or slightly lower than the critical pressure.

③Operating pressure refers to the pressure of the liquid in the hydraulic system.

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