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Requirements of soybean leaching equipment for leaching blanks

September 09, 2021

   Soybean raw materials need to be pretreated before entering the soybean leaching equipment. The pretreated soybean embryo should make the structure and properties of the embryo meet the requirements of the extraction process to obtain a good leaching effect. Soy billets should meet the following requirements:

 leaching blanks

  1. The more thorough the cell destruction, the better.


  2. The material embryo is thin and strong, and the powder is small. In this way, the leaching distance is short and the contact area between the solvent and the blank is large, which is beneficial to improve the leaching efficiency. The direct soybean extraction method requires the thickness of the raw material to be 0.2~0.3mm.


   3. With proper moisture, the leaching solvent is insoluble in water. If the moisture in the raw material is high and the internal voids are full of moisture, it will affect the penetration of the solvent and the dissolution of grease. Therefore, the moisture content of the material embryo should be low. (<13%, 5~7%)


  4. Appropriate temperature, high material embryo temperature, low grease viscosity, easy flow, good leaching effect, but it should be noted that the material embryo temperature should not exceed the boiling point of the solvent to avoid vaporization of the solvent. Therefore, the temperature of the blank is generally controlled at 45~55℃, and should not exceed 60℃.